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A self-described creative, Thomas Zuber has been driven to ‘make stuff’ from an early age. From winning an American Bicentennial locker-art competition in the first grade to exhibiting his latest feature-length film in local theaters, Zuber has indeed been creatively industrious. After receiving his BA in Fine Arts, with a concentration in sculpture, from Indiana University, South Bend, in 1991, Zuber embarked on exploring woodworking techniques, culminating in independent furniture and custom kitchen installations in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. In 1995, he was offered a teaching position in Bloomington, MN. There, Zuber learned the art of teaching as he instructed students in Calligraphy, Drawing, Colored Pencils, Painting, and Art History.

In 2002, he returned to the South Bend, IN area and taught at a private school. During this period he exhibited and sold numerous semi-abstract watercolor and acrylic paintings. It was at this point that Zuber began exploring the art of filmmaking, digital photography and image manipulation. Throughout this process, Zuber grew as an independent filmmaker, having written, produced and edited three feature-length films between 2008 and 2012.

As well as being an adjunct instructor, Zuber is currently teaching Media Arts, Interactive Media and Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Art at a local high school, and has recently obtained his MA in Art Education through Boston University. Augmenting his teaching, Zuber pursues art shows and festival opportunities through which he exhibits his two-dimensional work.

Contact at Thomas@zuberart.com


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