Thomas Zuber, Genesis, Digital Print
Thomas Zuber, Genesis, Digital Print

When I first began teaching, I worked for a private Christian school in Minneapolis. I was initially hired to teach Studio Art and Art History, but being a small school in the midst of rapid growth, I was asked to teach additional courses. I ultimately added Old Testament, New Testament, and Church History to my teaching repertoire.

One of the good things about this school was that these courses were presented with an historic take, the Bible being the “story of the ancient Hebrews and early Church” rather than a generic Sunday School format. I taught these courses for ten years and trained other teachers in these subjects as well, thoroughly enjoying our human drama as told by ancient writers.

Now, as I paint and make art, I find that many themes from these ancient writings pop up in my imagery. The digital piece, “Genesis” is inspired by the creation story, when God breathed life into a lump of clay, which then became man. This image tries to visually capture that moment just before consciousness and self-awareness initiate. It’s the moment JUST before the face opens his eyes for the first time.

If we can imagine our “awakening” or transformation from one state to another, then we can maybe relate to this painting.

Imagine your “Genesis”. What would that look like?

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