The Trestle-Tree

Thomas Zuber, Trestle-Tree, Digital Photograph
Thomas Zuber, Trestle-Tree, Digital Photograph

Have you ever found yourself on a road that leads down a specific path? You look around from time to time and see some interesting things along the side of the road. A rabbit jumps out of the way. A rusty bike looms into view as you pass by. Trees, houses in the distance and a panoramic sky encompass your view. You sigh with curiosity, but continue on your way. After all, there’s no time to take in the sights. You have chosen your path, and your road leads to your goal.

You round a bend, and smack!

A tree has decided to explode out the ground, blocking your way. Your track, your road, your goals are in shambles. Panic sets in as you try to come to terms with this hazard.

You think, “This isn’t right! This isn’t how it’s supposed to be!”

Life has thrown you a curve. How do you respond?

This photo I took last year resonates with much of my life. I was raised a certain way, taught to believe and trust in specific institutions. I raised my children similarly as I walked on my road towards what I thought was how things were supposed to be. Then, smack! My road was suddenly blocked, and I was forced to take a different path.

Oddly enough, looking back, I can see the tree as less a hindrance, and more a life-giver. The rusty institutions rotting as the tree grows and brings change, growth and evolution.

How do you reply to the roadblocks in your life?

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